Our story began in my childhood. I was born and lived in Russia for a long time. And this is one of the keys to my inspiration and imagination.


As long as I remember myself, I always have been close to art, design, and colors. When I was 12, I went to the art school. And that was amazing! Mixing colors, different materials, working on composition – I failed in love with creating processes. But looking back now, I understand that my favorite part was always drawing flowers, their beauty, tenderness, and texture.


My specialty at the university was Public Relations. After it was an experience in retail and communication with planning events for 400+ guests. And it still helps a lot to see the whole process of event-planning from the very first step.


Several years after, I met George and moved to Athens. Our wedding was typical, with fabric on the floor and strange flower selection. But exactly this moment we realized: it is a sign to do something on our own, to offer another point of view. This is how Katsifa Studio began in 2019.


Now, every day we study something new and this is our big advantage. We believe in our ideas. We believe in our work. And we are looking forward to expressing your story through a very special event.

Anastasia and George

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